Technology Services Designed to Prevent, Detect and Respond

Managed Services

The cost of failure in the life and death world of first responders is enormous. It isn’t a matter of saving a few dollars, it’s about making sure that the systems and networks supporting your mission critical operation are there when you need them. Our managed services program gives your Police, Fire, EMS or Corrections agency that extra insurance against system failures. It is built on three interrelated building blocks:

  • Prevention – Prevention of failure is more than a one-time step for us – it never stops. In addition to dynamic threat analysis, we assess and recommend process and technology solutions – not just once but continually.
  • Detection – Our monitoring program is designed to spot issues before they become problems and to spot problems before they become failures. The process starts with identifying and mitigating weaknesses.
  • Response – When there are potential or actual failures, every second counts. Athena is on the job 24/7. We immediately triage the situation, determine the best course of action and go to work to resolve the issue. We stay on the job until it’s done.

System and Network Design and Deployment

Athena also provides design and deployment services for your Public Safety 911 system and networking infrastructure. We design, configure, and deploy solutions that fit your needs and goals. From system upgrades to full disaster recovery protection, Athena will help you make the smart decisions. We utilize the latest technologies in IT computing with regards to SAN storage, networking, virtualization, and Cloud enabling.

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Many of Athena’s long-term client relationships have grown out of problem-solving engagements when we were called in to help during a crisis. We’re the “smoke jumpers” who come in and get your system back up and running. We are experts at tracking down and solving those hard-to-find critical network and system failures or slowdowns. We refer to ourselves as the Red Adair Public Safety IT team. When you call on us, we solve the problem!

Technical Engagement

If you have a requirement that involves a Public Safety IT project, we invite you to call Athena. With our broad base of experience, we are able to align our engineers and processes with experts throughout the industry to provide the best team regardless of the size or scope of the job. For example, we have relocated call centers, implemented disaster recovery sites, staffed a center during a personnel transition, upgraded large networks, and virtualized centers. We have implemented Exchange Server and SharePoint and have also undertaken data conversions, response time analysis, and specifications development. Athena is a can-do company.

Technical Project Management

Using Athena’s experience and knowledge in public safety IT infrastructure, we provide technical project management services covering a wide range of projects and topics typically found in PSAPS and other public safety agencies. Starting with implementation of new or upgraded CAD and Records systems, Athena can assist in the planning, purchasing and implementation of new public safety IT infrastructure. Interfaces, new data sources and cloud-based services all add complexity to today’s CAD and Records systems. Working with your IT staff and SMEs, Athena can play a role in the overall project management or as a project contributor in a specific area of your project.

Site Audit

In the business world, audits cover much more than the financial health and viability of a company. They look into processes, staffing, threats, and a myriad of other factors. The results are used to make decisions and guide the company. Annual audits are an essential part of any good business. Mission critical Public Safety systems demand the same level of attention. While often overlooked, regular infrastructure audits can play a key role in ensuring the stability and performance of high-availability systems.

Much like an outside audit for businesses, a Site Audit by Athena provides a report to the stakeholders on the condition and health of the system along with a series of recommendations. Potential problems are identified so they may be resolved.

There are several factors that determine when an audit should be conducted:

  • The system and network are performing well – and you want to keep it that way.
  • There are intermittent stability or performance issues (including CAD or Mobile connectivity).
  • The agency is conducting a strategic planning exercise (go Cloud or stay on premise).
  • Major components are being added, upgraded or replaced (SAN, Cloud, Virtual).
  • A new system procurement is contemplated or underway (RFP assessment, site readiness).
  • There are staffing changes – especially in sensitive or trusted ositions.
  • A new system or application is being placed into operation.
  • The agency is preparing for a CJIS audit.
  • The agency is assessing the impact of NextGen911.

Results range from averting a potential disaster to reporting a clean bill of health.

Athena Site Audits always lead to improvements.