Athena maintains excellent working relationships with the leading companies providing IT products and services to Public Safety agencies. We regularly team up with engineers from CAD/RMS companies and other service providers to solve difficult problems and improve system performance. Working together, we deliver “best in breed” solutions.

For agencies under the Athena umbrella, we dovetail our Helpdesk operations with those of the product companies to provide seamless support covering applications and infrastructure. We bring to each agency the most responsive program available in the industry.

Through our company’s excellent business partnerships, we are capable of providing turnkey solutions to meet the most demanding and complex requirements.


A long-time supporter of the IJIS Institute and its mission to unite the private and public sectors to improve critical information sharing for those who provide Public Safety and administer justice in our communities, Athena is firmly committed to the development and adoption of industry standards to improve system interoperability.

Athena staff have worked with the IJIS Institute since its inception and have provided hundreds of volunteer hours to help the Institute achieve its mission. Our work with the IJIS Institute enables us to stay abreast of industry developments so that we may better serve our clients.

Our Partners